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Learn to Play Guitar Online!!

*Guitar Lessons for Adults & Children

*All Abilities Welcome

*Discounted Taster Session

*Electric and Acoustic Guitar Lessons

*Many Genres Covered

*Grading Available

*Live Performance Opportunities

Guitar Tutor - Welcome

If you are looking for affordable, taylor made, fun guitar lessons from an extremely experienced Guitar tutor/Guitarist in Worthing you have come to the right place!

Lucinda Bristow who is the founder of The Guitar Academy Worthing has been teaching and coaching for 15 years. She also works as creative producer for Bristol Music Trust. Her work includes developing a level 4 qualification for Trinity College London, delivering training and mentoring music teachers from all over the UK.

Our guitar lessons in Worthing are taught by Dave: "I  have great enthusiasm when it comes to teaching. I get a total buzz from seeing my students progress and start to discover their own style, I love watching confidence grow and seeing proud parents reactions when they see how well their kids are doing. I would say I do know my stuff as a guitarist and as a guitar tutor and will quickly work out the best way to get the best results from each student".

When you learn to play guitar, you will not only learn you how to improve technically as a guitarist in a style that you choose but will also work on confidence at the same time. Teaching to all levels, even those who are convinced they cannot strum a single chord - give it a go, you’d be surprised what you can achieve! Matt also teaches guitar to people who are out playing as pro’s wanting to brush up on technique, prep for recording or work towards their next exam.

It can be very nerve racking going for your first guitar lesson. You may not even be sure that you will even like it which is why The Guitar Academy offers a DISCOUNTED 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION so you can decide for yourself whether these lessons are right for you.

The Guitar Academy Worthing Aim:

Working with students on whatever they choose whether that be Electric Guitar or Acoustic, Pop, Rock, Folk etc. Whether you're starting completely from scratch, you play in a band, preparing for an audition, preparing for a performance, want to enter grades or are wanting some tips and pointers on where to go with your playing we are here for you and will do our best to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be as a guitarist.

TGA News

New Guitar School Opening - Learn to Play Acoustic or Electric Guitar! 

Child Guitar Lessons

October 2019

We have new electric guitar lessons  and acoustic starting in Worthing! Contact us now to book your free taster!

Gig opportunity for all Guitar Students! 

Man learning to play guitar

December 2019

If you would like the opportunity to perform, either accompanying a singer or playing by yourself, let us know! We have a gig booked in for Dec this year! 


"I have really noticed a difference in my playing since starting lessons with The Guitar Academy". 

"Matt is really supportive and friendly. I was quite nervous to begin with but he put me at ease really early on" 

"I'm excited to perform at one of the showcases and accompanying one of the singing students from the singing school (TVA), though I'm a bit nervous too. Good to get the opportunity though in a supportive space".

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